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Bidooh sets its sights on cracking the US market

A CUTTING-EDGE tech firm that’s behind the world’s first facial recognition software for digital billboards has announced ambitious plans to conquer the lucrative US advertising marketplace.

Bidooh is on a roll out

Original article by Premier Construction Jan 1st 2019 Bidooh (the “Group”), a real-time, real-audience, digital billboard advertising platform, has signed a contract with DBDB Labs, a full-service media agency based in Seoul, to utilise its digital billboard platform across 10,000 screens in South Korea. The 10,000 screens will be rolled out over a period of …

Solving privacy and GDPR issues in high tech billboard advertising

Imagine a digital billboard screen that can analyse your features as you approach it and can then show you an ad based on who you are and what your personal preferences are! A highly intelligent screen that can pick up on facial and body features, the brands you wear, whether you are male or female …