Boost retail sales and experiences with demographic-based digital signage

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Boost retail sales and experiences with demographic-based digital signage

Research is abundant with positive data and proof showing how shoppers prefer environments that use video displays, how buying decisions are swayed by in-store messages and how it can add an additional layer of knowledge around understanding products. All of this helps and contributes towards a bigger basket size, ultimately influencing and raising the average customer transaction. Equally, evidence shows that such practices deliver a better shopping experience. But can in-store signage offer more?

Take a recent study of 100 major retailers by WBR Insights, who found that 94% of those surveyed used digital signage to augment, change or improve customers’ in-store experiences. Yet, it is not without its pain points. The top two challenges for adoption of digital signage areĀ the tendency of customers to ignore the signage or fail to notice it (61%) and that digital signage can be intrusive to the customer experience and actually frustrate customers (56%).

Asked what the biggest pain points were in terms of selecting the right content for customer-facing digital signage, 65% of the respondents found content and its relevance to the shopper a major factor.

Digital signage solutions that tailor content based on who is nearby and making it more personalised at the point of sale, using real-time, AI-driven demographic data analysis offer a new opportunity in influencing and growing the existing basket size.

Using anonymised customer demographic data, retailers can process new information, such as age, gender and emotion and target their digital content on-the-fly with passing shoppers. Features including beards, moustaches, sunglasses and glasses can also be called upon to refine relevant and influential content to the consumer.

Ease of use is equally important. The content management system underpinning targeted digital signage should be intuitive, fast and easy manage. Many CMS’s can be anything but, requiring difficult, often long learning curves. Such a cloud-based platform should enable centralised distribution with the added ability of devolving some administration to a wider team of users (for example store managers), allowing even further localised management when needed.

This combination of cloud-based management delivery, AI capture technology and digital screens creates new approaches to enhance both customer experiences and engagement levels. Done right, this can significantly drive conversions resulting in increased transactions.

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