Own your data with Bidooh!

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Own your data with Bidooh!


Do you really own your data?

What a fiasco. It turns out, Facebook has not been doing much, if anything at all, to keep your personal data — personal. In fact, much the opposite has been happening. Your personal data, along with many millions of others has been farmed out to willing buyers for them to use as a tool of manipulation against the very people providing the information.

Politicians willing to pay big bucks could find out pretty much whatever they wanted to find out about you in order to cater their messages and advertising to you. This goes for pretty much any group that wishes to use your personal information to appeal to you, whether it be for political or financial gain.

The same is true, not just of Facebook, but of other massive corporations like Google, who know far more about you than you might be willing or ready to admit. Google knows every website you have ever browsed, even the history you may have deleted. Google knows all the apps you have ever used, all the videos you have ever watched on Youtube, all of your personal demographics like your age, gender, hobbies, interests, relationships, and so forth. You name it. Google probably knows it.

Big bucks for big data

That data is worth big bucks. And who gets paid for your personal data? Not you, of course! Facebook and Google, naturally, get the lion’s share of profits from farming out your data, and bidders are happy to pay for the information.

What if, instead of Google and Facebook, you could choose who gets to know your data? What if you could be compensated for sharing your data instead of these giant corporations? What if you could decide which information to share with advertisers and which information to keep private?

The Bidooh solution

Bidooh offers a solution to this problem. With Bidooh, you are in control of your data. Bidooh offers screen advertising that rewards you for consuming advertising and providing your data as you interact with on-screen ads on digital billboards. As the consumer, you are rewarded with Bidooh tokens (DOOH) for viewing and engaging in this on-screen advertising.

Through this digital interaction, advertisers can customise their advertising to your preferences without the need to buy your data from a farmed-out database owned by a megalithic corporation. Instead, you are rewarded for sharing what you choose to share.

Bidooh offers a revolutionary approach to advertising that rewards the data provider — you — instead of the data collectors watching your every move on the internet. With Bidooh, you really do own and control your own data!

For more information about Bidooh, please visit http://bidooh.io , follow on Twitter at @bidoohuk or join Telegram @bidoohio