Get your ICO to join the marketing revolution!

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Get your ICO to join the marketing revolution!


It’s the dawn of a new age in business — a brand new way to launch a product to be marketed and utilised globally via blockchain technology. This unique new launching mechanism is called the ICO.

But there’s a huge problem with this new way of doing business. It creates a bit of aggravation for behemoths of the social media empire like Google and Facebook. It’s better for them, in fact, if nobody knows about these rising rivals to the current paradigm. Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Google have gladly joined in the crackdown to stifle ICOadvertising. This has put a serious damper on the growth of the ICO market.

Now, it needs to be acknowledged, there are some ICO’s out there that are not legitimate. But what about the ones that are great ideas with amazing potential? What about the ICO’s that have solid plans, experienced teams, and knowledgeable staff? They have been thrown into the same cast-off batch as the scams, blocked out from advertising to the masses via established social media.

Enter Bidooh.

Bidooh offers advertising via a self-service platform that accesses an open digital screen network. Screens everywhere you can imagine can broadcast ads to a selected audience. By using the blockchain technology Bidooh offers, an ICO can get the exposure it deserves anywhere that a screen or digital billboard can be placed.

Instead of trying to comply with the likes of Facebook or Google, Bidooh takes the decentralised approach to advertising, allowing clients to avoid high expenses and cumbersome contracts. No longer facing the social media empire’s gatekeepers to create positive publicity, an ICO advertisement can instead be quickly submitted to the Bidooh network, approved through a lightning-fast process, and deployed to selected screens anywhere.

Bidooh will change marketing for the better. It wrests control of marketing from the hands of the few and makes it available to all who wish to participate. Any advertiser can simply download the app or visit the Bidooh portal, create their advertisement, choose screen locations, set their advertising budget and publish their ad. Advertising does not get any simpler, faster, transparent, or efficient than it can be with Bidooh!

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