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Solving privacy and GDPR issues in high tech billboard advertising

Imagine a digital billboard screen that can analyse your features as you approach it and can then show you an ad based on who you are and what your personal preferences are! A highly intelligent screen that can pick up on facial and body features, the brands you wear, whether you are male or female …

New Teaser trailer is here!

Check out our new trailer showcasing just how simple the Bidooh platform is to use for businesses and consumers. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the full length version coming soon.

From mobile to billboard in just 60 seconds!

Bidooh — From mobile to billboard in just 60 seconds! Want to advertise your product? Want to let people know about an event? Bidooh is a new digital billboard advertising company that allows you to do all the above in about 60 seconds flat! Create your advert, choose the location where you want it to display, decide …