Bidooh: The future of advertising is here!

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Bidooh: The future of advertising is here!


Advertising tends to be a one-way street when it comes to communication with potential customers. A company sets out to promote a product, launches a clever campaign through an advertising agency who dispatches advertisements to the public through a variety of channels and then waits for results, hoping for the best. A successful ad campaign will see a correlation in revenue gains, whereas a failing campaign may see a lack of positive response, but it’s all a bit of a guessing game.

Bidooh is set to change the way advertising works. By creating the capacity for real-time response from engaged consumers, advertising becomes a two-way street of information that continuously flows between businesses and their potential clientele.

Consider this simple example:Your business is ready to go and you want to get the word out to your potential customer base. With the Bidooh web portal or app, you design an ad to promote your product. You decide your ad looks great, so you then pick the locations for your ads to be seen in public and select the frequency of ad visibility based on your budget. Once you’re ready to go, you simply launch the ad to your selected locations, to be displayed on digital screens in shopping malls, petrol stations, airports, and anywhere else a digital billboard might be seen.

Because of Bidooh’s unique decentralized marketing technology, all this is done without the need to go through advertising agencies; slogging through the various middlemen who all stand in the way of getting advertising out to the public quickly and efficiently, with every step taking time — and another chunk out of your advertising budget.

And this is just the beginning. Once your ad is launched to the public, you enjoy two-way communication with potential customers. Bidooh advertising boards are uniquely equipped, using cutting-edge technology, to give you immediate feedback about those who view and are engaged by your ads. You will receive information about the quantity of viewers engaged with your digital ads and even detailed characteristics such as gender and age of those who are interested in your ad campaign. Waiting helplessly with the mere hope of success in your advertising campaign is replaced with the ability to actively respond to real-time information sent to you through the Bidooh platform.

With Bidooh, the mystery and uncertainty of advertising is eliminated. Instead, you know immediately whether your ad has hit the mark. This is all done through Bidooh’s technology, without the need to communicate back and forth between various agencies. You can immediately take advantage of this information, making your advertisements more effective and responsive to increase your success.

Rather than working its way through a series of centralized entities controlling each step of your advertising campaign, costing you both money and time, Bidooh allows you to directly advertise to the public, eliminating costly barriers along the way. Bidooh’s decentralized technology will disrupt the old advertising industry paradigm through direct engagement between your business and your future customers.

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