Bidooh Secures Contracts To Roll Out 3,000 Screens Across Eastern Europe

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Bidooh Secures Contracts To Roll Out 3,000 Screens Across Eastern Europe


Manchester real-time advertising specialist Bidooh has secured major contracts with partners based in the Czech Republic and Romania.

Bidooh will operate its blockchain-based facial analysis billboard platform on live advertising screens across Eastern Europe. The two contracts combined cover an initial allocation of approximately 300 screens and target a roll-out of 3,000 screens across a three-year period.

Twenty-seven screens are currently live in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Balkans contract, which Bidooh says have generated more than one million direct interactions in the last 30 days.

The company’s UK Test Network is currently operating on 16 screens across four different locations in the UK: Manchester Deansgate, Oldham, Rochdale and Nottingham. To date, more than 500 advertisers have signed up and used the platform since the first site went live in November 2017.

Co-founder and CEO Abdul Alim said: “It is extremely pleasing to have signed these commercial contracts, which highlight the global appeal of our offering and our ability to scale up according to the needs of our customers. In particular, Eastern Europe is experiencing a proliferation of shopping malls which are seeking the latest technological advancements to generate advertising revenues.

“They are attracted by our use of blockchain technology to relay accurate, verifiable advertising data in real-time. Our digital billboard platform has already been a success across the UK and we now look forward to doing the same on a global basis.”

Darko Ban, CEO of Bidooh CZ, added: “Bidooh is the only available bridge between small businesses and the power of outdoor advertisement. Anyone can afford it, accessible from anywhere and with no binding or budget restrictions, all in real time! This is what makes Bidooh truly unique.

“The opportunity is massive. We have started the roll-out in Bosnia, which is an emerging market where very few screens, if any, exist in malls and other similar venues. We estimate approximately 100 screens to be installed in Bosnia alone and, together with the other Balkan countries, Bidooh’s platform will operate on up to 2,000 indoor screens.”

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